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please excuse me while I claim my blog

Did you know you can claim your blog(s) on Technorati? I did, or rather, have. For a very long time. Like months and months and months. And I’m onlly just doing it today. By writing a whole post for the sole purpose of publishing the code guc53szv8y somewhere in my blog. Procrastination FTW! Or FTL! Whatever, just better late than never.

Note: When you go to claim your own blog, don’t use that guc5 blah blah blah code. That one was just for Ms. Herr when online.

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untitled 03

doors thought closed,
composed facades belied.

what unexpected draft
from ever changing source
gives body to void?

what choice
but to indulge pain
as if pleasure?

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portrait of goodbye

g-ma Aschenbrenner
February 10, 1924 – May 25, 2008



untitled 02

soul’s vivid palette eclipsed by black sun
unexpectedly fleetingly
pursued by shade’s wake
you are stranger to me
foreignness originating within

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Just over two weeks ago, I discovered PostSecret.  In minutes.  I was curious … intrigued … fascinated … riveted.  I still am…

As I read PostSecret’s secrets … as I read these Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives … I am astounded by the “scared and angry and hurt and selfish” in the world.

And I hope … I hope to never forget that it is no small privilege to contribute to another’s joy.

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thoughts in draft

when great laughter and great joy are missing from my soul, so is the ability to feel the depth of all emotion. these weeks without riot. these weeks without immeasurability. listless. diminished.

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untitled 01

a mind departed amidst memories’ abyss
joy’s luck expired
the bittersweet sours
unjust amusements spurred by changed favor
flee, flee from the very guard incited

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a pleasure knowing: St. Santiago

“Nice to meet you.”
“My pleasure.”

Meeting people is always a pleasure, isn’t it? The standard courteous response would imply so. Assume for just a second that this were the case. That the initial meeting is really and truly a pleasure.

It’s in the getting to know and knowing of many of these new acquaintances where the pleasure unravels. The idiosyncrasies that chafe our pet peeves. The arrogance or the lack of confidence. The political views, religious views, or complete apathy. And the sheer incompatibility of interests.

But then there are a few, very few, whom knowing is sheer and unabashed pleasure. And not because (indeed probably rarely because) there is romantic interest, but because time spent interacting with them is simply synonymous with joyful experiences.

To one whom I find it is truly a pleasure knowing: St. Santiago

As of tomorrow, you will have been on this planet for 23 years. I have had the pleasure of knowing you for just over 4 of those years. In honor of this, a tribute to you via your own expressions of self (you did such a good job with it, I couldn’t help but steal). Happy Birthday!!!


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not on my side

don’t call me sister
don’t call me luv
don’t call me hon

don’t say my number’s on speed dial
don’t say we’ll talk again soon

these things imply
maybe I cross your mind
maybe we’ll spend time

I don’t believe it’s true

history would prove me right
history is not on my side

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