16 consecutive standard-style push ups

With bis & tris freshly weak from the initial test, I confess that I have joined AZ Twitterati in the 100 push ups challenge. The buzz started last week, but I was on the fence. It’s in line with my want to get back in the habit of working out daily. I can be very lazy. Lots of my tweeps were doing it. I have a lot on my plate already. When I work out regularly, I’m more energized, more alert, and yes…smarter. I don’t like committing to things I think following through on will become chore-like. Lots of my tweeps were doing it. Lots of my tweeps were doing it. Then today I discovered we have our own wiki-site. Really, our very own site! Where you even have to sign up! I am so in! I’m a joiner, what else do you expect?



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