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still quite pleased with myself: coming out a merciless flirt

I’ve always, quite proudly, claimed my flirtatiousness. I like boys. I like to spar with them. Verbally. And non-verbally. In not so innocently provocative ways. One-line affairs hold little interest for me. It’s the ebb and flow of playful banter that I find so engaging.

As the heat of flirtation often escalates, so did confession, into reputation, and now to an actual manifested web presence.

Introducing, a collection of thoughts and media about flirtation. Quotes, video, stories, rumors, how tos … it’ll all be there. Nothing is off limits, even politics (see Exhibit A and Exhibit B).

A handful of you may have heard enough about it to consider it old news, but I’m still quite pleased with my accomplishment. Here’s why:

Two weekends ago, I began an effort to turn an idea into reality. I set up a tumblelog, designed the logo and supporting graphics, customized front-end code, established multi-channel presence (primary domain, Twitter, and YouTube), activated email, and set up Google Analytics for traffic measurement.

I started on a Friday afternoon. I launched that following Monday morning. I did it all myself.

This might seem like no big deal, but I don’t bill myself as a designer, or a developer. So a sub-three-day start-to-finish for my first microsite feels pretty damn significant.

BTW, merciless flirt hit the front page of Google search results for title sans quotes and .com in less than 10 days. Might take a bit longer to hit the front page for flirt. 🙂



popped my shirt.woot! cherry

I’ve been a fan of shirt.woot! for awhile now. To be honest, I was first drawn in by the copy on the parent what is woot? page. If you haven’t read it, do. It’s a riot. Funny and chalk-full of personality. I think that copy alone made me want to buy something from them. However, since I don’t have much of a tech gadget fetish, I didn’t have much reason to actually buy anything. Then I discovered shirt.woot! They’ve got some really great (and not so great) designs. And when I like one, I really like it. Still, I’ve never bought. Until today.

The Madness of Miss Stereo
The Madness of Miss Stereo

So why is today different? I’ve had a few ideas that have been incubatin’ brain crack for a really long time. One of these ideas involves cutom modified fashion. And now that merciless flirt off the ground, there’s little to prevent me from makin’ moves on some of these other ideas…

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