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popped my shirt.woot! cherry

I’ve been a fan of shirt.woot! for awhile now. To be honest, I was first drawn in by the copy on the parent what is woot? page. If you haven’t read it, do. It’s a riot. Funny and chalk-full of personality. I think that copy alone made me want to buy something from them. However, since I don’t have much of a tech gadget fetish, I didn’t have much reason to actually buy anything. Then I discovered shirt.woot! They’ve got some really great (and not so great) designs. And when I like one, I really like it. Still, I’ve never bought. Until today.

The Madness of Miss Stereo
The Madness of Miss Stereo

So why is today different? I’ve had a few ideas that have been incubatin’ brain crack for a really long time. One of these ideas involves cutom modified fashion. And now that merciless flirt off the ground, there’s little to prevent me from makin’ moves on some of these other ideas…

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window shopping: my belt buckle, it talks to me

“Excuse me sir, my eyes are about 2′ higher than that of your gaze.  Seriously, would you mind not ogling my hips.  Yes, I am aware that my belt buckle is flashin’ messages at you, but can you please just try to stay focused.  What does it say?  Oh, it’s just a disclaimer that I can sometimes be a merciless flirt.”

Quite possibly one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile, and with so much potential in terms the [fashion] statements to be made, the LED scrolling belt buckle.  This baby is programmable!!!

The fun I could have.  The things I could utter without sayin’ a word.  The trouble I could get into.  Oh my, how I do want me one of these.  The blue one to be specific…



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