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highs & lows from the Maricopa County Democratic Party election party

Tonight, I was Kevin Spidel’s guest of at the Maricopa County Democratic Party’s election party. I was very excited as I headed toward the Wyndham Hotel. I’d never been to a political party event, yet tonight was a night the media and yet-to-be-written books would consider historic. As I got there, the enthusiasm of my fellow party-goers was greater than my own. Cheers ensued each time a state was called for Obama; boos when called for McCain. As the electoral votes grew in Obama’s favor, the excitement mounted. It was so easy to get caught up in the energy.

Shortly after the election was called…

tweet tweet (1) in a room w/ Obama supporters ecstatic bout the win. one minute you say “imagine, our first African-American prez” then boo when McCain says (2) he recognizes tonight marks a significant achievement for Black-Americans. you say “why bring race into it,” but didn’t you moments ago? (3) why the hypocrisy? what makes it OK for you to say something that you would spurn McCain for? don’t be so mighty. don’t be so righteous.

Thus, hours after voting for Obama myself and minutes after the election was called in his favor, in the room of a political action organization, two statements of similar sentiment by two individuals on opposing sides soured my night. Party allegiences that open the mouth and close the mind piss me off.

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