The Halloween Before PodCamp AZ 2.0…

last edited 10.23.2008

Given that Halloween is the eve of PodCamp AZ 2.0, for those of (probably) out-of-towners who are party hardy or want to enjoy the spectacles that metro Phoenix has to offer on the night of costumed revelry, here’s a rundown of goings on.

Halloween on Mill Avenue
Mill Ave is the landmark street in Tempe and was recently named one of the coolest streets in America. With more than a dozen bars along five blocks, there will be plenty goin’ down. On Halloween, Mill is by far the best place to see and been seen in all your costumed glory on Halloween. Even if you’re not dressed for the occasion, it’s a nothing short of a visual spectacle.

Monsters Ball
Downtown’s vanguard gallery, the Alwun House is the site of the Monter Ball. This 21+ affair with live entertainment and full bar is the closing party for their Monster’s Menagerie art exhibit which opened October 10th. Costumes are optional, but highly encouraged.

Phoenix Friday Coffee
A dozen or three local geeks gathering after work for coffee and convo at a local coffee shop. The location changes every week but is usually in Phoenix’s east valley. Check the website on October 31st to see where it’ll be.

Phoenix Friday Nights
Once an offshoot of #PFC and now it’s own thing, Phoenix Friday Nights is about supporting the local eateries and drinkeries of downtown and central Phoenix. This is a group of roamers, so the only definite is the starting point. Check the website the week of for the low down.

Exotic Erotic Ball
Every year a local hip hop radio station and local nightclub partner for the Erotica Ball, a costume party where the costumes, are… well… slightly scandalous. There’s nothing X-rated, or even triple-X rated, about it (as far as I know), but a naughty nurse is your signal and a well-wrapped mummy is your noise, then consider this very high signal to noise.
I don’t have details on this event right now but will keep my eyes and ears posted, and will update this post as soon as I’ve tracked down the 411.

And of course, the Haunted Houses… (Please click each of the links for more information.)

  1. Arizona Scream Park – probably the biggest of them all with four distinct haunted attractions: Alice’s House of Nightmares, 3-D Fear Factory, Castle of Darkness and Goldminer’s Revenge.
  2. Alice Cooper’stown Nightmare Haunted House – if Cooper’s name is on it, you can bet it will be good (too bad I don’t actually have details to link to).
  3. Haunt of the Living Dead – here, two haunted attractions center on the story of a zombie outbreak caused by government chemical experiment conducted to bring dead soldiers back to life on the battlefield.
  4. Shadowlands – choose your own path as you go through three interactive haunted houses: the Revenant, the Chamber and the Wrath.
  5. Ghoulfland – if you like your haunted houses complete with a story line… Black death has eroded a 3,000-square-foot European-style castle, haunting the gauntlet.
  6. The Haunt – this haunted house includes 11 rooms with themes such as Michael Myers, Wedding of the Dead, the Hall of Monsters, the Graveyard, the Coffin Room, the Killer Clown Room, the Morgue Room, the Dancing Dead and the Possessed Doll Room.

If concerts are more your thing..

  1. Hoobastank will be performing with Saving Abel as part of 98 KUPD’s Halloween Bash, 8:00pm at the Tempe Marketplace. (edit: 10.23.2008)

The Phoenix New Times calendar is also a great source for other Halloween events and live music.

And while you’re soaking up all that Phoenix has to offer, why not get to town in time for Ignite Phoenix #2 on Wednesday, October 29th. Yes, I’m shamelessly pimpin’ our community events, but that’s cause we have an awesome community! (edit: 10.09.2008)

#PHX peeps: if I’ve left anything off this list that you think needs to be here, holla!

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  1. #1 by Jeff Moriarty on October 9, 2008 - 6:40 am

    If they’re REALLY in town early, on Wednesday, Oct 29th, is Ignite Phoenix. We have at least one spooky talk submission, and maybe we’ll have even more. Submissions are open for two more days. 🙂

  2. #2 by Kevin Spidel on October 10, 2008 - 10:48 am

    @fidlr @1indienation @phillipcambell will be in town early. I am still looking for a few places them to crash as my place is full up. But I will be showing them around the town prior to PodCampAZ. Any of the local new media folks have anything organized?

  3. #3 by Ms. Herr on October 10, 2008 - 11:03 am


    I haven’t heard of anything ‘organized’. Phoenix Friday Coffee and Phoenix Friday Nights were both started by #phx Twitterati, but I don’t yet know how their plans will incorporate the holiday. If I hear anything definite regarding any of your questions, I’ll let you know.

    How early do @fidlr, @1indienation, and @phillipcambell arrive?

  4. #4 by Kevin Spidel on October 10, 2008 - 11:16 am

    Phillip has told me he is coming in early (like a few days) since he is coming from England! 🙂 I will find out more details. Rachael will be on friday morning I think. Brad… I think Saturday. He actually is going to be helping me with one of my workshops. SkyGuy and a few other folks I am talking too might still be coming from out of town. It is a growing group 🙂

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