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The Halloween Before PodCamp AZ 2.0…

last edited 10.23.2008

Given that Halloween is the eve of PodCamp AZ 2.0, for those of (probably) out-of-towners who are party hardy or want to enjoy the spectacles that metro Phoenix has to offer on the night of costumed revelry, here’s a rundown of goings on.

Halloween on Mill Avenue
Mill Ave is the landmark street in Tempe and was recently named one of the coolest streets in America. With more than a dozen bars along five blocks, there will be plenty goin’ down. On Halloween, Mill is by far the best place to see and been seen in all your costumed glory on Halloween. Even if you’re not dressed for the occasion, it’s a nothing short of a visual spectacle.

Monsters Ball
Downtown’s vanguard gallery, the Alwun House is the site of the Monter Ball. This 21+ affair with live entertainment and full bar is the closing party for their Monster’s Menagerie art exhibit which opened October 10th. Costumes are optional, but highly encouraged.

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